Bobcat Radio Training Workshops: Recording Shows - April 17 - 3pm to 4:30pm

Hey guysss,

We are hosting another training workshop for those who wants to learn how to record shows, pre-recorded or live, and how to send/upload them to our station if you're doing a radio show. 

Bobcat Radio Training + Cleaning + Movie Day!!!!


Hey everyone! We're nearly done setting up our station, just need a few touch ups and we're done; which we'll be doing this Sunday. Also, we're going to have THREE trainings Sunday as well. AND we're gonna have a social after all the trainings where we'll order some pizza and possibly watch. This will happen in TC-2 at the Tri-College Center at Merced College: The Tri-College Center is located on the Northeast side of Merced College Main Campus. The Center can be reached by the G street & Community College Drive entrance.


Show Training:

First we'll have our Radio Show Training where you can learn how to create your own radio show from creating your idea to having it stream on our station.


Meeting this Friday!!!

Hey everyone!
Welcome to our website! Bobcat Radio will be having a general meeting in the Lantern on February 4, Friday at 12pm (noon). If you'd like to learn how you can be involved in Bobcat Radio, please come to the meeting or email us if you have any specific questions.

Below is our first newsletter! If you want to know what's going on, please check it out. If you want to received updates about Bobcat Radio, please send an email to so we can add you to our mailing list.


General Manager
Bobcat Radio


February 1, 2011


Updates and News!


Hello everyone! This is Vivian and I’m here to update you guys about BCR stuff. Sorry if you haven’t heard anything from us for awhile. We’re trying to restructure/reorganize ourselves as well as get logistics, licenses, next year’s budget, etc done. Hopefully this isn’t too much information for you guys!




I.                    Next General Meeting – 12 noon, Friday, February 4, 2011 at Lantern.

II.                  Recruitment  Campaign– Need new members!

III.                Concerts

a.       Baby Bash – Bad News

b.      April 22 (Rooney + 2 bands) – Help!

IV.                New business director

V.                  Workspace at Tri-College Center

a.       Furniture research, shop and move

VI.                BCR Members Bonding! (Party?)

VII.              Open Positions

VIII.            Closing.

a.       Upcoming events



I.                  Next General Meeting – 12 noon, Friday, February 4, 2011 at Lantern.

If you haven’t already, fill out this BCR Doodle:


We will discuss EVERYTHING. Well not really, mainly recruitment, concert stuff, licenses and our budget for 2011-2012. Also, we are thinking of changing our structure of meetings to something more effective and convenient. Instead of having a general meeting every week like we had last semester, what about… having directors and general meeting once or twice a month, and department/committee meetings whenever they need to. Bring your suggestions and inputs!



II.               Recruitment – Need new members!


For those who are coming to the meeting, you might been already aware that we are in desperate need of members! We are going to run a recruitment campaign next week and we need help tabling! All flyers, buttons, shirts, posters, and whatever else will be printed and ready by next week. All we need is your lovely self.


If you’re interested in helping us table or with the recruitment campaign, email vvn.duong@gmail.comand include how many hours (or days <3) you can help table, or fill out this Doodle (same as general meeting’s Doodle): Let me know if there are any restricted days/times you can’t do next week.


I will send out a schedule, shift thingy and all the information you will need probably by Sunday night. I will not work you to the bone; don’t worry.



III.            Concerts


a.      Baby Bash


Bad news. We will not have Baby Bash this semester. If you want more details/comments/questions, come to the meeting on Friday.


b.       April 22! Collaboration with CAB! (Rooney! + 2 potential big name artists!)


Although, Baby Bash might be out… we still want to try to get a concert going this semester. We will be collaborating with CAB, our Campus Activity Board. They have a generous budget that we certainly do not have at the moment. BUT! We need to find two more performances (groups/singers) ASAP! We were thinking along the lines of Bruno Mars, Mos Def, The Black Keys, Phoenix, Kings of Leon, Ratatat…


To join the concert committee or help out with April 22’s concert, or We will send you updates and meeting times via email.



IV.            New Business Director


Our new business director is Adrian Acala. Hopefully he’s a keeper. Eek!



V.               Workspace at Tri-College Center (@Merced College)


We have a workspace now! We are sharing a portable with The Prodigy. This is where we will do our shows, broadcast, work and all that radio shizzles.


a.      Furniture shopping!

It needs some furnishing though! We are in the process of looking for (used, cheap and clean) furniture. The radio station BEAR Rock might be able to see us sound proofing foam, cubicles and a recording studio-box-thing (ask Ernesto). We will also be looking for two couches, two coffee tables, a refrigerator and more. We are doing research this week. Hopefully be able to purchase next week, and move in, furnish and decorate it with pretty flowers and bows by the following week.


More details at the meeting!





I think to make us feel like a family, to bond and be comfortable around each other so we’re comfortable working around each other and not be like an awkward turtle or jellyfish… we need to bond.


Next Friday, February 11th, we shall hold hands and bond.

Time: 10:00 pm (ish)

Where: TBA (Do you have a place to offer?? Let us know!)


VII.         Open Positions


We have director positions open and we need help in our committee/departments!


Open positions:

o   Programming Director – organize when shows will play, accept/reject shows…

o   Production Director – takes pictures and film live shows, audio recording…

o   Graphic Designer – make flyers and posters, make promotional item designs, design logo(s)…

o   Live DJs – clubs likes to ask us to host their events, spin the records

o   Recruitment Director- gather minions- I mean find us members!


Departments in need of help right now:

o   Fundraising- raise money for the club so we can get some awesome gear and ALL OF US can go to Coachella next year (my wishful thinking but don’t keep your hopes up)

o   Concert- help plan, organize, create an upcoming concert



For more information, email us or come to the meeting on Friday.


To apply for a position, click here.

Or email us if you have any questions, comments, concerns, random saying…



VIII.      Closing


Upcoming events:

o   We will be MC-ing and (maybe) DJ-ing for Asianfest which I believe is in March…

o   Next general, department, or directors meeting… see (I) above.


Here is a tentative schedule of what we want to happen in the month of February. Things might be changed, removed or added once we discuss our priorities.



That’s it for now. I’m sleep deprived so I’m sorry if I forgot to mention something or I made a mistake! Questions? Concerns? Cookies to send me? Email: .


- Vivian Duong, BCR’s freelancer and merchandising director




Momentary Downtime

Bobcat Radio is going through a major rehaul of it's streaming system and we'll be back online in the next few weeks.

Thank you for your support & patience,
Ernesto Mora-Lua

General Manager
Bobcat Radio

Music for the Commons

Facebook Event Link:

Bobcat Radio Presents it's first Music for the Commons show at UC Merced's Dining Center on Wednesday, Dec. 1st starting at 6pm. This event will feature student, faculty, staff, and alumni from UC Merced. Along with a performance from Creature Colony from Los Banos who are signed on to Quote Your Pulse Records. This event is all ages and FREE, so there's no reason to miss out!

There will be a donations drawing where we'll be giving away free body piercing coupons and gift cards.

Performances from:
Robert Merrit
Creature Colony (
Feeling Gravity's Pull (
Reason and Horses
Musician's Corps at UC Merced


New Music Added!

More music and variety! Click the listen now link on the top right corner.

The Pulse That Feeds You playlist for 11/17/2010

 We're playing music from the bands who are going to be playing at the Music Matters Benefit Concert at UC Merced on Nov. 20th.




Bus Stop Boxer?


Facebook event link:

The Pulse That Feeds You

Playing the best of independent music for your hears! We know you're starving for good music. So, listen to this musical pulse of the valley and you will be feed.

The Pulse That Feeds You


Playing the best of independent music for your hears! We know you're starving for good music. So, listen to this musical pulse of the valley and you will be feed.

on The Pulse That Feeds You Monday 12-1pm.

Vivian's Indie Music Playlist playlist for 11/09/2010

First playlist! Stay tune for more music!

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